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Tom de Ville makes his directorial debut with ‘Corvidae’ starring Maisie Williams. ‘Corvidae’  is a dark fairytale about a young girl who loves birds, and the very strange thing that happens when she tries to protect a wounded crow from the boys in her village. Rooted in the tradition of pastoral horror it is a short, silent film inspired by the work of writers such as Alan Garner and Arthur Machen. Wolfheart Productions and Cat & Weasel Films are now planning to develop ‘Corvidae’ into a feature film.



Button Eyes - a short film to Chris Hyson's jazz track of the same name was shot in beautiful Whitstable on the Kent Coast and starring Alexander Vlahos - Merlin, Privates, Macbeth (Broadway) - and Valene Kane - The Fall, The Fading Light. 




Button Eyes explores the foolishness of youthful romantic arrogance. Cinematography by Jason Oxley who previously shot Wolfheart's film In Absence and produced and directed by Alex Wolpert and Geoffrey Breton. Nominated for Kickstarter of the year at the Shorty Awards NYC 2014.

Based on a true story ALIEN vs. CRAIG follows the classic tale of a young man in difficult circumstances triumphing over adversity, only this time it involves putting on a stage-play version of ALIEN.  ‘ALIEN vs. CRAIG’ is set to be a hilarious, moving and socially pertinent adventure.


This gritty ten minute mini-pilot focuses on the non-uniformed police that patrol the streets of East London. Their job is to ask the questions most of us don't want to know the answers to, and to take on London's most dangerous gangs. Following 18 months of research, "The Fields" explores these men and how their private lives are affected by the choices they make on the job everyday. This is not a 9 to 5.


We follow three elite taskforce members as they battle their way through this harsh urban landscape. A brutal stabbing sets off a rapid chain of events which affects not only the police but also the community the gangs inhabit. Through compelling and intense narrative, we learn what it means to be a policeman in Hackney.


The mini-pilot is designed to give a taster of what the television series will look like. Each episode will correspond to a shift with the Taskforce team. A treatment and script of the full series are already in development.


The Fields - mini-pilot destined for television.




The screenplay was written over four months through a process of improvisation and script-development. The cast began the project in August 2011, exploring Alexander Wolpert's original story-line under Geoffrey Breton's exercise-based, scene-building direction. This methodical approach to character exploration and construction results in highly truthful dialogue and a sense of equal creative ownership amongst the actors, writer and director.


With a wonderful cast including Oliver Cotton, Di Trevis and Rupert Frazer, Cinematographer, Jason Oxley has managed to capture the reflective yet painful moments in which we come to terms with loss , using the Red Epic with great effect.


Wolfheart's first film will premier later this year and be submitted to Film Festivals across the world.

In Absence is a short film exploring the momentary realisation of loss and how we attempt to continue to live our lives.




GETHIN ANTHONY, star of NBC’s forthcoming ‘AQUARIUS’ and HBO’s ‘GAME OF THRONES’ is attached to play lead character Craig Docker in our forth-coming second feature ‘ALIEN vs. CRAIG’. 


Faced with heart-break, unemployment, and the prospect of further injury, Craig is in a serious pickle. Yet with the help of his theatrical mother Phyllis and hapless brother Scuff, Craig cobbles together a plan involving his mum’s local am-dram group, a fake charity, and a genre-defining, gut-busting, horror movie. 


Based on a true story, HARPER, explores the experience of an East London bailiff and soon to be Father, who faced with an unexpected encounter, slips into an obsessive hunt for answers leading him to redefine his worth in his local community. A serious slow-burner with moments of surreal comedy, illuminating our country's treatment of people we let slip through the net.



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